Bathroom Renovation Contractors In Hyderabad

The Process, in a Nutshell

  • Design Stage: Even if this is just a simple toilet/shower/cabinet bathroom remodel, some kind of design or planning must take place. Contractor-designed bathroom remodels may follow any number of tried-and-true template designs.

  • Demolition Stage: Is this a complete tear-out and replacement project? Then the contractor will arrange for a roll-off dumpster or hauling company to cart away the mess. Even for more minor projects, some kind of demolition will take place.

    Roughing-In Stage:¬†Plumbing and electrical are of key importance in any bathroom remodel. The plumbers and electricians will “rough-in” their work. An inspection is made by city or county officials at this point.

    Installation of Shower/Bath/Toilet Stage: The bathtub or shower are built or installed under the rough-in. The bathroom sink and toilet, too, are installed.

    Final Pieces: Bathroom flooring is laid. The walls are closed up, and another inspection is made. Bathroom cabinets are put in. The walls are painted. Fixtures are installed.

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